Jon Edmund Bollom

Staða: MA/MS nemi / MA/MSc student

Vinnustaður: Háskóli Íslands / University of Iceland

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Um höfundinn
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30/10, 2020
The becoming of the sustainable development goals: global governance, developmentality and ownership in senegal • Childhood and youth studies for all? • Child migration in Ghana: Contradiction of living rights and child rights • Denial of family planning services to women in Malawi • The experiences of Volunteers of Foreign Background in Iceland • Inequality in access of adolescents to private versus public schools in Bissau, Guinea-Bissau • "Teacher’ strikes affect all students": Expressions of inequality among Bissau-Guinean adolescents in secondary schools • Use of digital technologies among adolescents attending schools in Bissau • Narcotics engagement and criminality among school-attending adolescents in Bissau: Cross-sectional analysis • Bissau-Guinean Quran Schoolboys in Senegal: repatriation as a risky rescue